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11 | 4 | 2019

PIRANESI AWARD 2018 / Exhibition, Gallery Kolektiv

Wednesday, 22.05.2019.
Organizer: Piran Days of Architecture, Slovenia
→ Gallery Kolektiv, Karađorđeva 53


Prestigious international architectural Piranesi Award, conferred since 1989, is part of the international conference Piran Days of Architecture (PDA). It is named after the 18th century Italian artist and architect Giovanni Battista Piranesi (1720–1778), whose family roots originate from Piran. It prizes best architectural realization built in a Central Europe region in the past two years, and since 2008 also the most innovative student ideas. Its focus is on the respectful relation of contemporary architecture to the natural, cultural and historical context. Through the presentation of diversity of high quality European architecture it encourages cultural identity and underlining among other the importance of revitalization of our modernistic architecture. First Piranesi Award was conferred in 1989 to Serbian architect and artist Bogdan Bogdanović for the Dudik Memorial Park in Vukovar, Croatia. In 2018 Piranesi Award was conferred the jubilee thirty time. 41 architectural and 22 student projects were nominated by national selectors of 9 invited European countries and student selectors of 12 invited European architectural faculties. Members of the 2018 international jury, chaired by architect Valerie Mulvin, were architects Matteo Bolgan, Eduard Callís, Aljoša Dekleva, Tina Gregorič, Gernot Hertl, Palmar Kristmundsson, Niall McCullough, Guillem Moliner and Amir Vuk Zec. The title theme of 2018 PDA conference was Architecture is a culture. Slovene national selector architect Andrej Hrausky wrote among others: "... Good architecture doesn’t come by itself although it is the most important part of social superstructure called culture. Architecture is not an economic activity pursuing the profit. It is more the enrichment of our society and brings sense to it. Good architecture doesn’t bring survival but rather life itself in its most precious form ...".


Serbian Selection, Andrej Strehovec

After a long hiatus, in 2018, on the thirtieth anniversary of the Piranesi Award, the works of Serbian architects designed in the past two years have been included in the nominations. The selector for Serbia was a Slovene-Serbian architect, Andrej Strehovec, who chose the following five works:

    House in Tetovska street / Tetovska 73, Belgrade / 2017 / Dejan Miljković, Jovan Mitrović
    Sunstone Residences, Sipkov krs, Miločer, Montenegro / 2017 / Mitarh d.o.o.
    Mountain Resort Branković / Vrelo, Pirot, Stara Planina / 2018 / Alterno inc. d.o.o.: Đorđe Kitić, Dušan Nikolić, Ivana Veličković, Mirjana Nikolić, Dejan Knežić
    Public greenmarket in Negotin / 2016 / Raum d.o.o.
    Stilt house on the river Sava, Belgrade, the river Sava, Ada Progar / 2016 / Remorker Architects: Milan Katić, Marko Korošec, Dušica Oparnica

“Another way is the very realization of high-quality projects from the autonomous expert position of architects, who are among the few professionals holding a wide range of expert qualifications. However, conference activities also enable the cooperation of citizens and professionals at venues and create different community levels. These potentials are especially important for the establishment of professional positions and for the development and continuity of expert staff, who, strengthened with organized support, is given the opportunity of public performance, thereby assuming expert responsibility for cultural development and the preservation of heritage. Thus possibilities are established for different levels of dialogue with city authorities and for the development of the culture of space. The latter enterprise always requires taking a courageous step forward.”

Piran Days of Architecture is an international conference organized annually since 1983 in Piran, Slovenia. Its aim is to present the most progressive and innovative ideas of architectural and spatial production. Many renowned architects has already lectured at the conference: Eduardo Souto de Moura, Alvaro Siza Vieira, Peter Zumthor, Sverre Fehn, Kenneth Frampton, David Chipperfield, Wang Shu among others. Since 2008 it is chaired by architect Maja Ivanič, director of DESSA gallery from Ljubljana and organized by Anze Koren, Spela Kuhar and younger generation of Slovene arhitects.

Production:  Piran Days of Architecture, Slovenia

Partner: Gallery Kolektiv, Belgrade