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21 | 4 | 2018



Thursday, 10.05.2018

19:00 BINA OPENING / Art Gallery, Cultural Centre of Belgrade, Knez Mihailova 6

Exhibition  LISBON ACTS / Concept and organization: Lisbon Architecture Triennale, Portugal



In the decade since the Lisbon Architecture Triennale’s birth (2007-2018) our ancient city has been the stage set for a process of constant ideological, social, economic and built evolution. But it is more than just a passive space: Lisbon acts.

The city itself is both the object and the subject of metamorphosis. The inhabitants are demanding changes in their urban fabric to accommodate the ever-shifting realities of life, but the urban fabric is also changing her inhabitants. Lisbon demands resourcefulness, creativity, flexibility and a spirit of collaboration. Architects are primary players in this drama, and this paradoxical city challenges them as profoundly as she inspires them.

We selected six architectural studios that have formed and produced their first works during this crucial decade of transformation – six studios that have shaped Lisbon as much as they have been shaped by her. From these architecture studios, we feature six spaces that act as settings for the dramas of life in Lisbon. To demonstrate the role that built spaces play in the dramas of our lives, this exhibition invites a local author to write stories set in these active, responsive spaces. A filmmaker and crew staged and recorded the story, and this drama is at the center of the exhibition.

Communicating in architectural culture is our daily and always-evolving mission. The last decade contains the story of the Lisbon Architecture Triennale’s ever-growing community, so for this exhibition, we commission fictional stories based on a city’s capacity to accommodate a dynamic population and adapt to meet its needs.

The city shapes our lives and the city is shaped by our lives: built spaces do not exist except for the people who inhabit them, and they accumulate meaning and significance in an active, ephemeral call-and-response with the rich moments of our own experiences. This exhibition shows how architects respond to this experience at the same time that they shape it, weaving the fabric of our city as we live it.


List of participants

Studio aspa, StudioBarbas Lopes Architects,Studio can ran, StudioMiguel Marcelino, Studio PLCO Architects, Studio site specific, architecture

Integral part of the exhibition is the film Lisbon Acts

Pedro Cabeleira,director, Patrícia Portela, writer,  Catarina Botelho, photographer